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How to become a private chauffeur

The occupation of private chauffeur requires great skills. Besides the practical aspects, where obtaining a VTC professional card is mandatory, other details must be addressed. Indeed, the private chauffeur must show discretion and refinement while driving his passenger(s) to the right place in the utmost comfort.


Being a private chauffeur: a trade in the service of excellence

The private chauffeur represents a centerpiece for his employer, whether it is a company or a VIP. However, the private chauffeur mainly works in the shadows and in the greatest discretion.

Regardless of his abilities to drive smoothly, the private chauffeur must exercise resistance to stress in all circumstances. Whether it concerns the traffic, the level of service expected from customers, or his ability to constantly anticipate, the private chauffeur must also be able to chat with his passengers in the most pleasant manner.

A special private chauffeur can talk about many topics when he is in attendance of his clients: the current news, or bounce off other topics such as sports, family life, business, culture… To sum up, the private chauffeur must be able to address every topic that can be spontaneously raised by the client.


Being a private chauffeur is a multidisciplinary profession

The private chauffeur must know how to organize and carry out the routine maintenance of his company vehicle. It is out of question to be called, only to be found with a breakdown or a disorderly vehicle. Each trip must be submitted to systematic checks regarding the impeccable cleanliness (internal/external) of the vehicle. These checks are also related to security. Indeed, the tire levels and pressure need to be constantly checked. The safety devices specific to the vehicle must also be checked.


An innate sense of service to become an excellent private chauffeur

The customer may wish for refreshments, small snacks or special attentions…He may also need his children to be taken care of, or important folders to be sent. Consequently, having soft skills and trust is essential. The customer must be able to rely entirely on his chauffeur to fully benefit from the service provided.


Mastering the codes of excellence is essential for any private chauffeur

Navigating the world of luxury is one thing, but knowing how to master its codes is another task. Thus, the private chauffeur is thus able to anticipate the expectations of his customers in order to always satisfy them. If the airport is the final destination of the trip, the private chauffeur must be able to escort his client to the boarding gates while taking care of the luggage and the parking of the vehicle…


The customer satisfaction is a major concern for the private chauffeur

Any client on board and having experienced a trip with a private chauffeur should be able to acknowledge the professionalism and the singular attention that the private chauffeur has shown him. Like any trade related to personal services, such as catering and high-end hospitality business, the occupation of private chauffeur aims for the highest level of quality.

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